Road to Possible will be a multi-platform webseries and 2 apps that profile the journeys of people pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

To date, we have 38 unique individuals with an international footprint committed to sharing their journey. We believe they will inspire and have a positive impact on our audience. We have a target of 40 remarkable individuals of all ages and from all segments of our global community for the first series installment. Through our research we can illustrate their dedication to their ambitions.

Our people pursue their ambitions because it's who they are and they have to live who they are. We'll be sharing our people with you through our research highlight profiles. We'll also be developing our Goal-Tracker App and Youth 2 Youth App that can provide additional support and entertainment for our audience to pursue their own ambitions.

Through Road to Possible, the sharing of dreams and ambitions with everyone becomes a reality. Through our webseries, we're sharing individual dreams and ambitions that we hope will inspire, motivate, encourage, empower and entertain you on your individual journey. We also hope you'll join our journey in the continued production of Road to Possible.



Dreams and ambitions are what everyone has and what everyone has in common.

They can motivate us at any time. 

They can transform us at any age or in any circumstance.

Our dreams and ambitions can benefit us, our neighbourhoods, our communities.

Dreams and ambitions are very personal and are often kept private. 

Road to Possible will provide an opportunity for dreams and ambitions to be shared.


These Title Graphics and Logos were submitted by friends of Road to Possible. We love them all! Thanks and keep them coming!

Title Graphic by Julie Keene
by Julie Keene
by Andre Lalonde
Logo by Hanna Otto
by Hanna Otto
Title Graphic by Matthew Lee
by Matthew Lee
Title Graphic by Alexey Linkov
by Alexey Linkov