Our Montreal Adventure – by Lesley Apelbaum

A few months ago, Sneha asked me to go to Montreal with her. So we went last weekend and had a great time. After 20 minutes on Montreal’s sidewalks, Sneha turns to me and says “I think I want to move here!”

She loves the city, especially Old Montreal, the churches, European-style architecture… And the coffee, croissants and bagels! Sneha tells me it’s the first time since moving from India that she feels like she’s in a completely different place.

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We explored the different neighbourhoods, marvelling at the people, statues and buildings. She took me inside one of the churches on Rue St Catherine. It was a magical moment escaping the downtown hustle, taking in the beauty and tranquillity of an old cathedral. We kneeled at the pew and prayed. I insisted on bringing her to a good Jewish deli. We found one downtown and shared smoked brisket sandwich with horseradish. I taught her a bit of French along the way, translating the street signs and teaching her basic conversational phrases.

Sneha wants to pursue her PhD at McGill University, so we checked out the campus together. However, if she wants to continue pursuing her ambitions in Canada, she needs to get permanent resident status. Enrolling in school can definitely help with this… But by the end of our trip Sneha was resolved that she must find full-time employment in her field. This will help her get permanent resident status and save up for McGill at the same time.

I’m happy Sneha had fun and got clarity on what she needs to do. We returned to Toronto feeling more grounded and energized than before. Missing La Belle Province today… But I hope we’ll be back soon!

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