Best Christmas and New Years Gift – by Sneha Paul

PHOTO Dream Found by Sneha Paul

Christmas is the season of gifts from Santa. Like a kid, I really hoped this Christmas I would get what I wished for. Well, it’s easy to make out that Santa sent me a special gift.

After graduation, it had been really tough searching for a job related to my field. Applying to almost all job sites, actually crazily applying to any job that was even a little related. Finally, when Advent began, I really wished that I would have a job by Christmas. A belief that I will get a  job by Christmas time motivated me to work hard through the applications. I got a few interview opportunities, and every time I tried learning from my mistakes. Finally, during the Christmas week, I got a call for the second round of interviews, and finally on Dec 24th, I got a call saying that the company was ready to offer me an opportunity.

I was overwhelmed, cause the opportunity has opened a whole new learning door. Most importantly, they seemed to trust a Health Informatics graduate to deal with Finance, with the little software development knowledge that I had. Their belief has helped me gain more confidence in myself.

Today I have an opportunity that I wished for and special member to support me through. I wouldn’t have gotten through the application and interview process without a lot of people, above all definitely my family and my friends.

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