Alexandria & Sebastian were born 2 1/2 months early. After an intensive and fragile 3-month stay in the hospital,  they're finally home with their parents, Amanda and Mark. Dreams and ambitions are just beginning here. We’ll be checking in regularly.

Twins' Bday Cake Smash

Commitment, Love, Achievements – by Mark Brathwaite

PHOTO Commitment, Love, Achievements by Mark Brathwaite

Hey Everyone!!! Yes it has been a while since I’ve actually made a post. Sorry for the wait on the 411 on the TwinZ! But I’ll try to bring you all up to speed.

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Let me begin by Thanking all of you for the continued support and interest in the lives of Alexandria and Sebastian. As you all know it has been quite a Rollercoaster of a year starting with the Twinz being born 10 weeks early and living in incubators for nearly two months. A LOT of doctors appointments and tests, pokes and prods and lets not forget Travelling!!! LOTS AND LOTS of Travelling!! WalMart Became a place we “Used” to go to, and then became the place “WE HAVE TO GO TO”! Thousands of dollars spent on formula ($52.00 X 3 cases a week X 52 weeks +tax= $9,166) and that’s just formula alone! Diapers ($40 X 2.5 weeks X 44 weeks <Thanks to the Diaper Party> + Tax =$4,972) for a grand total $14,138!! All that is just for starters 🙂 It all works out to baby puke and POOP!! LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of both. Countless Sleepless nights and the start of white hair which came swiftly after the first three weeks after birth. But in the end We could never place a dollar value on the happiness and joy that they have both brought us.

So A year and month have passed and the Twinz are doing well, by passing their eye exams, hearing exams for now, and Bash has been cleared at his Echocardiogram (The hole in his heart has closed) and he has no signs of a murmur. Alexandria still has to go for her Echo but the doctor is quite sure it’ll be the same since he checked for her murmur and didn’t hear anything. (I’ll keep you posted as that comes about). This would’ve been one thing I don’t really think we worried so much about as we’ve seen how healthy and active they have both been as the year went on. 🙂

Their First Birthday by far will be one to remember. It was shared by close friends and family, and yes… Children!! It was very warm and comforting seeing all of you that attended coming out to celebrate with the twinz their first year of life. Thanks for all the wonderful and useful gifts also 😉 . I’m sure Bash will look back at it tho, and seek revenge for the cupcake in the face. If he’s anything like me it’ll come when I least expect it. Tough love and Karma I suppose. It’s also awesome to share another birthday with Paige (Sean and Karen’s daughter) who was born less than two days later. Watching the next generation of kids coming together is awesome to watch. So Alexandria, Sebastian, Paige, Jayden and Jax (Mike and Alyson), The future awaits you. Looking forward to seeing what this year will bring with my family, relatives, the extended family and friends. Thanks Again for being there everyone.

Much Love

Mark S. Brathwaite[/expand]