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Blog with Babz #6 – RtP Career App

May 6, 2019

We’re surging ahead with our educational Road to Possible Career App. Through a diverse collection of video interviews, the intention is to provide an alternative resource for high school students / youth on knowing who you are and providing guidance on how to discover what you love and want to do.

RtP is working with a downtown high school as a beta site. Students and teachers are watching the selected video clips from RtP’s extensive profile list. These videos illustrate the process each person followed in determining their career. We’ll be getting a lot of feedback from them in order to improve and create more complete resources.

We’ve got an extensive selection of people that accurately represent the North American population. It’s completely inclusive. The objective is to create an accessible resource for dialogue, growth, discovery, inspiration and self-awareness.

We’ll keep you posted! And remember, you can add your thoughts, experiences and responses on our blog. We want to engage in dialogue with you, not just a one-way monologue… So let’s all hear from you!

Blog with Babz #5 – Moving Forward

April 8, 2019

Adversity is faced by all of us. None of us escape those confrontations with obstacles.

Sometimes it’s people or institutions, even objects. Always an interruption or block. Sometimes seeming insurmountable, overwhelming defeat… But we usually find a way through or around or over / under. Our will to move forward always seems to get us through… Always with support, always with resources. Never alone.

RtP’s profiles share some of their adversity. We don’t want to exploit or be melodramatic. So far it seems to be working… Finding the right balance of depth without invasive exposure or indiscretion.

We hope that these profiles provide a source of positive motivation, humour and above all, empathy.

Blog with Babz #4 – Mental Health Affects Us All (Reminder)

March 10, 2019

Blog with Babz #3 – Mental Health Affects Us All 

December 30, 2018

Mental illness. The phrase has only recently taken on the weight of its significance, and even more recently have we begun to understand the complexity of the many conditions. It’s become so glaringly obvious that so many of us have or will experience a mental health condition to some degree and in some form in our lifetime.

A dear friend of mine who has worked closely with individuals suffering from mental health conditions, and even has a son who navigated through his own conditions, once said:

“I have learned through my life experiences and my profession that I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some type of mental health condition and physical disability. The difference is only degree. That’s what determines obvious or subtle behavior – degree. What type should be treated, what shouldn’t. What should be marginalized, avoided and shunned, what should be accepted. What is ‘normal’, what isn’t. Stigma is a learned judgment that builds walls and maintains inequality.”

Working on Road to Possible has allowed me to listen to and share a space with some amazing individuals that have experienced and dealt with, or continue to deal with varying mental health conditions. No two stories are the same and no two outcomes are the same. However, it’s the support, understanding and patience of the people around them that allows for the path to healing.

Mental illness is only a stigma as long as we are ignorant to its prevalence.

Blog with Babz #2 – Growing on the Journey 

December 30, 2018

Road to Possible has been quite a journey to say the least. There have been a few rough terrains, but I can honestly say this is a trip worth taking again, and again, and again.

There are so many stories to be told and so many special individuals behind those diverse stories. 

The best part about this experience has been meeting with these remarkable people, listening to their stories, watching their Talkies and their follow-up interviews.

It’s amazing what you can learn about an individual when you engage in the right conversation and “listen” to their responses, and believe it or not, what you can learn about yourself.

I’ve learned so many lessons throughout this process.

So many of the experiences at the heart of all these individual stories and journeys are so easily transferable to our own personal lives.

It reminds us how connected we as human beings truly are. 

Often times, who we are as human beings is boiled down to a weak reduction of name, nationality, gender, sexuality, and occupation. 

Road to Possible dives deeper and explores the experiences that truly make a person who they are, what defines their personality, how they interact with the world and the space around them.

Why certain choices are made and not others, and what attracts human beings to certain passions and not others.  

We spend so much of our time contemplating our own lives. I’ve learned while working on this show that it is possible to learn and grow more when I take in other people’s experiences. The truth is, we might actually be able to make better sense of our own journey when we allow ourselves to experience other people’s. 

RtP (Road to Possible) is all about the human experience, joining these different humans on their own road to possible. Hopefully it pushes us and encourages us all to work harder in the pursuit of our own goals and ambitions… 

ANNOUNCEMENT: New Logo + Hashtag

November 27, 2018

What does everyone think of our new logo and hashtag? Let us know in the comments below…

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Blog with Babz #1 – Your GPS 

November 1, 2018

Road to Possible is all about taking you on a journey – a road trip, if you will – through the lives of some incredible individuals who are pursuing or living their own dreams and ambitions. Imagine, if you will, driving across the country and stopping frequently at new and interesting destinations along the way. You’ll be entertained, intrigued, and you’ll even learn some lessons and learn more about your own personal path along the way.

As your Navigator, my role is simple: I’m here to navigate you through the journey. Your… GPS. However, unlike a GPS, I promise not to steer you through any dark alleys, into dead-end streets or force you to make any unwanted U turns. I’m so excited to continue getting to know our profiles and help share their unique stories with you.

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EDITORIAL / ANNOUNCEMENT: Bonus Talkie with Arys Dejan

October 5, 2018

There’s been a change in plans with today’s scheduled Talkie…

We were going to begin our Talkie Series with nutrition student, Neesa McRae-McNicholls. However, she decided she doesn’t want to make her interview public. We fully support her decision. At Road to Possible, we do everything we can to make sure our profiles are comfortable.

So instead, tune in after 5 PM today for a Bonus Talkie of Arys Déjan performing his spoken word poetry:

Click here to watch!


December 12, 2017

Originally posted on Carlos’ website: https://www.artcarlosdelgado.com/blog-1/

The holiday season may be upon us. For me this time of the year always makes me think of how we can give back. I have always felt that artists have a social responsibility to give back through their art. I have throughout  my career always tried to find ways to do this, because art isn’t always just for the sake of doing art. 

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A few years back when the refugee crisis started on a large global scale we saw large number of people leaving their homelands, putting themselves through treacherous trips to bring a better future to their families and themselves. Coming from a country that has the second biggest number of internally placed refugees, this had a huge impact on me. In response to this, I wanted to find the humanity within it all, and not have it just be numbers of people. I wanted to find hope that we can find in the darkest hour. So, I created a series called Travelers Under the Moon. Pics below:

Carlos Montage 1 Carlos Montage 2 Carlos Montage 3 Carlos Montage 4 Carlos Montage 5 Carlos Montage 6 Carlos Montage 7 Carlos Montage 8 Carlos Montage 9

This year before I left for my trip to Colombia, I decided to donate some of the pieces in the series to a local agency who works with supporting refugee every day, FCJ Refugee Centre. I am honored for them receiving me and my artwork. Thank you for your conversation, the delicious lunch and generosity. Here are some pics:

Carlos Montage 10 Carlos Montage 11 Carlos Montage 12 Carlos Montage 13

I still have two large (4’x’5 ) pieces from this series that I would love to donate to someone who can put it up somewhere and show hope, show human connection, show the energy of love and family. If interested feel free to email me at artcarlosdelgado@gmail.com

Moving Forward Together

January 30, 2017

We’re shocked and saddened by the attacks at the Quebec Islamic Cultural Centre. Our hearts go out to the victims and their families. 

In times like these, we remember the editorial we wrote two years ago, in response to the escalating global terrorist attacks:

Road to Possible is not about politics; however, living is political.

Our multi-platform project is about our diverse community of people living in harmony with respect and support for one another regardless of the obstacles they face.

We oppose all forms of discrimination, abuse, extremism and violence that threaten our individual freedoms and political democracies.

We hope that we can all move forward together as one people and heal, love and support one another.

-Lesley & Edward