Elaine Bauer - Talkie 1 of 3: Early Years

  Elaine Bauer - Talkie 2 of 3: Educational Journey

  Elaine Bauer - Talkie 3 of 3: Journey to Teaching

  Elaine Bauer - Bonus Talkie: A Teacher's Influence

Dr. Elaine "Cherry" Bauer is a Social Anthropologist and Lecturer/Senior Research Fellow at London South Bank University. Her research and expertise includes international migration, language brokering, transnationalism and mixed families.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Bonus Talkies with Jillian Rees-Brown and Dr. Elaine “Cherry” Bauer!

September 20, 2018

Tune in today and tomorrow at 5 PM!

Upcoming Talkie Series with Dr. Elaine “Cherry” Bauer

August 28, 2018

Our 3-part Talkie Series with Elaine Bauer starts Friday, August 31 at 5 PM!