Elena - Talkie 1 of 3: Early Journey

Elena - Talkie 2 of 3: Studying Languages

Elena - Talkie 3 of 3: Seeing the World

Elena - Additional Talkie 1 of 2: Exploring Interests

Elena - Additional Talkie 2 of 2: Applying for Psychology

Elena Viyugina is an international student from Russia, currently studying English. Her ambition is to be accepted to a psychology program in a North American university.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Extended Talkie Series with Elena

March 19, 2019

Back by popular demand, we’ve got two all new Talkies with Elena!

Tune in Thursdays after 5 PM.

Upcoming Talkie Series with Elena

February 26, 2019

Our 3-part Talkie Series with Elena starts Thursday, February 28 at 5 PM!