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Howard has followed his dream of being an artist since he was a child. Currently living in Israel, he has found success as a painter and makes his living through his art. Howard considers himself a tourist of the world in being able to see and understand the cultural history and architecture of the world civilizations. These are all reflected in his art.


“Last Selfie, As the End is Revealed” – by Howard Fox

This oil painting by Howard Fox is called "Last Selfie, As the End is Revealed." In the painting, there are three young women dressed in trendy dresses and mini-skirts. They look tiny as they're standing in a large, ornate palace ballroom. They smile and pose for a selfie. The wall behind them is a giant-sized puzzle of beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds. But unfortunately, this puzzle is incomplete - there are several missing pieces, forming a large patch in the middle. In this empty patch, a skyline of dark buildings and stormy sky is revealed. It appears these buildings are bursting into red, yellow and orange flames. The sky above fills with thick, black smoke.
“Last Selfie, As the End is Revealed”. oil on canvas, 100 X 75 c.

The inspiration for this work was a chance meeting with a number of Japanese girls in Hong Kong Harbor. I was sitting on a bench viewing the city of Hong Kong, a mass of skyscrapers built up against the green mountain. Beautiful.

A group of Japanese tourists, armed with cameras gathered before me. They beckoned me to come and photograph them, all together, smiling, and peering into the camera.

I stood a few meters from them, as to get them and Hong Kong together for posterity. The girls motioned for me to come closer, to take a photo of them from close up. I pointed out that their heads made it impossible to see Hong Kong behind them.

They said that was ok, and I took the shot.

I asked them where else had they visited? We sat down and they took out photographs of their travels. All the pictures were close-ups of them, taken by other amiable folks. What was most interesting was there was absolutely no way to figure out where the photos were taken, since they were all close-ups of the young ladies. Whatever landmark they had visited could not be seen.

In this case and apropos to our current dilemma, is the appearance of the “End of Days” in the background. As the girls focus on themselves, the landscape and blue sky behind them, becomes a puzzle, its pieces falling and revealing a world on fire!

This work is meant to be an act of humor, and child-friendly.