NEW: Joel Zola - Follow-Up Interview 1: Street Voices

  Joel Zola - Talkie 1 of 3: On the Streets

  Joel Zola - Talkie 2 of 3: Coming to Toronto

  Joel Zola - Talkie 3 of 3: Starting Street Voices

  Joel Zola - Additional Talkie 1 of 2: Growing through Adversity

  Joel Zola - Additional Talkie 2 of 2: Career Advice

Joel Zola was kicked out of his family home as a young teen. After navigating the streets of Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Toronto, he's now giving back through Street Voices, a multi-media platform for at-risk and street youth to share their art, music, poetry and stories.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Extended Talkie Series with Joel and Erica

November 27, 2018

Due to strong interest, we’re extending our Talkie Series with Joel Zola and Erica Gavel for two more weeks!

Tune in Thursdays after 5 PM for Joel’s Talkies and Fridays after 5 PM for Erica’s Talkies.

Upcoming Talkie Series with Joel Zola

November 6, 2018

Our 3-part Talkie Series with Joel starts Thursday, November 8 at 5 PM!