Road to Possible  is not about politics; however, living is political.

Our multi-platform project is about our diverse community of people living in harmony with respect and support for one another regardless of the obstacles they face.

We oppose all forms of discrimination, abuse, extremism and violence that threaten our individual freedoms and political democracies.


Currently we have 40+ people with an international footprint committed to sharing their ambitions with us. With your involvement there will be more to come. We hope our webseries, interactive website, mobile app and eventual broadcast series will encourage people to move forward with their own ambitions. Road to Possible provides an opportunity for people to share their journeys with one another through multiple platforms.

Webseries Anchor


Road to Possible is a factual series that shares the journeys of real people pursuing their dreams and ambitions as honestly and accurately as possible. The first season of the Road to Possible webseries will feature in-depth profiles of approximately 15 minutes. The specific content of the individual profiles will determine the length - some could be longer, some could be shorter.

Dreamer Segments: Featuring in-depth profiles/interviews of people from all walks of life. Road to Possible believes in full inclusion. The priority is the people on their journey pursuing their ambitions and dreams.

• Follow-up Segments: Ongoing follow-up segments to check-in with the people that have already been profiled in Road to Possible will be added to the series.

Streeter Dreamer Montage: People on the streets and in their environment sharing their dreams and ambitions will be an additional segment.

Sent-In Video Segments: Home-made HD videos sent in by the public sharing their dreams and ambitions will also be included.

Each webisode will be hosted on our Interactive Website.

Interactive Website Anchor

Interactive Website

This is the second stage of our website. It will continue to develop and be updated as the production of the webseries and app evolves. The full Interactive Website will host an expanded version of the series. On the website the public can watch individual Profiles featuring extended interviews and unseen footage of each individual. They will be able to stream full webisodes.

Our audience will have the opportunity to be selected as a featured profile by emailing us a self-made video or picture with text description sharing their dreams and ambitions. All of these videos/pictures will be screened and evaluated for inclusion in the multi-platform applications. Submitted videos may be re-purposed for inclusion in the website, social media pages, segment streaming and broadcast series.

Our Blog will provide the opportunity for sharing all ideas, thoughts and feelings on following one's ambitions and dreams. Our dreams affect ourselves, our families, neighbourhoods, communities and can even impact the world.

Our Blog will provide an ongoing discussion on all things possible.

Our audience will have the opportunity to give feedback directly to the production team through the blog as well.

We'll be setting up a chat room where people will have the opportunity to chat with one another one-on-one or in groups so they can network and share.

Mobile App Anchor

Mobile Apps

Road to Possible's apps are in the preliminary development phase for mobile phones and tablets:

R2P Youth 2 Youth App: This app is designed for youth by youth in secondary and post-secondary schools. The primary function of this app is two-fold: to assist young people in recognizing what their strengths are and what they like to do through a process of peer-to-peer dialogue. Most important is that we facilitate for young  people the reality of how important it is to follow who you are and not give in to external pressures that may lead to areas of study or careers they’re not fulfilled  doing.

R2P Goal Tracker App: People using this app will be able to track their goals and monitor their progress. The Goal Tracker app will facilitate the process of creating milestones/benchmarks and the implementation of a plan of action towards the achievement of goals.

As Road to Possible continues to develop, further descriptions of these apps will be shared.

Broadcast Series Anchor

Planned 1/2 Hour Broadcast Series

We plan on repurposing the Road to Possible webseries for broadcast with a television network. We hope to reach our goal in the very near future. We will keep you updated on our progress.