On Road to Possible, we're profiling people living their dreams and ambitions by knowing who they are.

Watch our weekly Talkies (video interviews with our profiles) every Friday at 5 PM!

Benjamin Kwarteng - "Living With Paralysis"

Stefne Mercedes - "Artistic Evolution"

Renee Welch Talkie Series

Daniel Bax Talkie Series

Kier Alexandra Mackay Talkie Series

Introducing our new video podcast, Road to Equality

This podcast focuses on social justice and equality.

Members of our community from all walks of life will be sharing their experiences and beliefs on what is needed and what we can do to dramatically improve our just society from their immediate communities through to our national and even international responsibilities.

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Road to Possible is a multi-platform series that profiles the journeys of people pursuing their dreams and ambitions.

To date, we have 50+ unique individuals with an international footprint committed to sharing their journey. We believe they will inspire and have a positive impact on our audience. These are remarkable individuals of all ages and from all segments of our global community. Through our research, we can illustrate their dedication to their ambitions.

These individuals pursue their ambitions because it's who they are. We share our profiles with you through our weekly Talkies.

Through Road to Possible, the sharing of dreams and ambitions with everyone becomes a reality. Through our series, we're sharing individual dreams and ambitions that we hope will inspire, motivate, encourage, empower and entertain you on your individual journey. We also hope you'll join our journey in the continued production of Road to Possible.

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Dreams and ambitions are what everyone has and what everyone has in common.

They can motivate us at any time.

They can transform us at any age or in any circumstance.

Our dreams and ambitions can benefit us, our neighbourhoods, our communities.

Dreams and ambitions are very personal and are often kept private.

Road to Possible will provide an opportunity for dreams and ambitions to be shared.