Blog with Babz #6 – RtP Career App

We’re surging ahead with our educational Road to Possible Career App. Through a diverse collection of video interviews, the intention is to provide an alternative resource for high school students / youth on knowing who you are and providing guidance on how to discover what you love and want to do.

RtP is working with a downtown high school as a beta site. Students and teachers are watching the selected video clips from RtP’s extensive profile list. These videos illustrate the process each person followed in determining their career. We’ll be getting a lot of feedback from them in order to improve and create more complete resources.

We’ve got an extensive selection of people that accurately represent the North American population. It’s completely inclusive. The objective is to create an accessible resource for dialogue, growth, discovery, inspiration and self-awareness.

We’ll keep you posted! And remember, you can add your thoughts, experiences and responses on our blog. We want to engage in dialogue with you, not just a one-way monologue… So let’s all hear from you!

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