Accessibility Matters!

November 1, 2019

Cartoon of 2 men in front of computer. The caption says: "But my website is accessible. See the little handrail icons on it?"© Jerry King 2014,

At RtP, we want to make sure our content is fully accessible! Here’s what we’re already doing:

1) Closed captions on all videos and all platforms (website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram).

2) People with vision disabilities can listen to our Talkies like a podcast through our website or YouTube playlists.

3) Some of the Talkies include pictures, but they just reinforce what the profile is speaking about. We don’t add b-roll or images that give new meaning or change the context of what is being said.

4) We use Arial font on our website, which is considered to be one of the most accessible fonts.

5) We’ve simplified our website navigation for direct access to the Talkies, profiles, blogs, etc.

6) Once we transition to a more in-depth web series or network series, all episodes will be offered with closed captions and described video.

7) We’re continuing to apply feedback from people with disabilities.

Is anyone having difficulty with our website or videos? How can we make it easier for you?

Please leave us a comment, or email your ideas and suggestions to


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