Behind-The-Scenes: Dre Chronicles 6 – by Lesley Apelbaum

I got the chance to accompany Andre at his latest Dre Chronicles shoot. It was very low-key, but a lot of fun.


It never occurred to me how difficult it must be for Andre to make his vlog. It’s true he does most of the work on his own, but the fact that he has physical disability really slows down the process. Moving from location to location, setting up equipment, getting into position, it all takes a lot more time, effort, energy and planning. I know he wants to expand his vlog and do more frequent postings, so I really hope he can get a solid team of people together to help out.

I think what Andre’s doing is really important. People with disabilities are highly underrepresented in media, TV and film, on camera and behind the scenes. I believe that through Road to Possible we can bring awareness to the challenges and risks that people with all types of disabilities and conditions face and the courage it takes to pursue their ambitions day after day.


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