Support the Twins and Mark

March 11, 2020

Twins, Alexandria and Sebastian are on a playground sitting side-by-side on a large swing and smiling.

Alexandria and Sebastian were born prematurely, 2 ½ months before their due date. They’ve both had to deal with a number of major health issues since birth. Mark, their dad has been doing his best trying to juggle their appointments while raising them on his own. He’s devoted to keeping them healthy and happy, but the past few months have been difficult.

After much encouragement from his family and friends, Mark has started a GoFundMe campaign. He says “I’ve been told that sometimes you can’t take the world on by yourself and you sometimes have to ask for help. Today is the day I swallow my pride and ask for help. I don’t care about me when it comes to making their lives easier at any cost.”

Please take a look at his fundraiser and donate if you can:

3-picture montage of Mark, Alexandria and Sebastian.

We’ve known Mark for a long time. He’s a warm, friendly, caring individual who cares deeply for his children. We’re really rooting for him and the twins. We’re also profiling them on RtP.

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