Peace and Perseverance – by Edward Heeley

April 10, 2020

During this period of Passover and Good Friday / Easter enveloped in this deadly pandemic stressing all our human resources, I’d like to share this painting and thoughts….

Painting of a blue, God-like figure lifting a man from the ground. They are in a large grassy field with two wooden crucifixion crosses behind them. The sky in the background is a deep stormy blue with wispy white-grey clouds.

I am not a religious person. I am, however, a spiritual person. The painting is from Havana, Cuba. What resonates with me is the universality in the characters and the simple dynamic of assistance and support overcoming the torturous, murderous, terrorizing crucifixion crosses.

I wish everyone health and safety, of course. A profound, human, spiritual bonding within all this social isolation and distancing can evolve, moving us all forward into a more humanitarian existence. Peace and perseverance to all of us….


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