Spring is change – by Carlos Delgado

August 7, 2015

Originally posted on Carlos’ website, www.artcarlsodelgado.com/blog

Carlos blog post August 7 2015

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I come from a country where it is the same tropical season all year. So when I came to Canada 5 years ago it took some adjusting to the seasons and the cold. I have found that the time when the snow melts has become one of my favourite times. When you can smell the warmth in the air and earth is starting to come to life.

Last year I painted an abstract piece that I feel now looking back at it really speaks to this change and transformation that comes at this time.

This piece is called Body and Soul. It is 36″ x 48″, oil on canvas. 

When I paint in abstract often times I don’t “think” about the piece or it’s meaning. I just let it come through on it is own and when I am finished is usually when I see things in it that could be description and meaning. In this piece the red paint symbolizes the visceral, physical aspects of human existence, while the blue paint is the subtle energetic, ethereal aspects. They can never be separate and they are always co-existing together to give us the full human experience. These different elements are a part of us as the same time as they surround us and embrace us.

As I love to leave my art for the viewer and their interpretation, I would love to know what your thoughts are when you see this painting.


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