“Follow Your Passion”

July 20, 2015

Elias Hess-Childs is one of four top graduating students in the Toronto District School Board.

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Elias says, “Follow your passion for knowledge and not your passion for success. And always maintain your integrity. There’s nothing more important than your integrity.”


We’d like to congratulate all four students and also thank the Toronto Star for acknowledging their terrific achievements.

It’s great that Elias is focusing in on what he loves to do. We hope this inspires other high school students and college students to follow what they love. This is the essence of what Road to Possible is about.

Congratulations Elias Hess-Childs, Albert Loa, Mishael Nuh and Sarah Tang.

If you know someone that you want to share their journey on following their passion…. Please feel free to post it on our blog.[/expand]


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