Feh Muh Nist – by Maya

June 2, 2015

I made a blog post a couple months ago about my first shirt and sticker design that read “Fuck White Supremacy”. The statement was meant to (directly) combat the systemic racial oppression and white supremacy that exists in our world.

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My newest print is the word “feminist” emphasized with each syllable. I chose to print the word this way because I felt that just having “feminist” written on a shirt as it is would be too bland and obvious. I like the idea of drawing attention to a statement (as I did by using the f-word on the last print), and by emphasizing each syllable, the word pops out more when a viewer tries to read it, and even more so when read aloud.

To add on to the attraction of the statement, most of the prints are black lettering on a vibrant hot pink shirt. Because the colour pink is associated with femininity, which is often a sign of weakness in the male dominated society, wearing a pink shirt that reads “feminist” can also be portrayed as a strong reclamation of the female gender.



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