February 26, 2015 – by Andre Lalonde

February 28, 2015

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I sit here writing this in the very early hours of February 26, 2015; and yes, this happens to be my birthday. I spend a lot of time reflecting, and thinking back on choices I’ve made many years ago. On every birthday, of course, I think back even more. I have learned quite a bit about myself the past year. I never do stop learning. I am thirty-eight years old now and hope to keep learning. I can always do more and frequently catch myself trying to do just that. This has been a problem most of my life—the trying anyways. The problem with doing more has been, of course, not finishing anything. Taking things from idea to project to completed work has been a challenge so often; I have a box of stuff sitting in my closet to prove it. I am learning to be confident again, though, and think that that will make all the difference. No matter how many ideas I have, creating, and completing, is possible even if I still have certain doubts and fears.

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