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In my last blog I mentioned a new batch of friends. Some recent experiences could have only come from knowing them.

On Christmas Eve—even though I am not religious—my friend bought me a ticket for the annual MCC Christmas eve service at Roy Thompson hall—even though I am not gay. At one point they asked that people in the audience speak out loud the names of those we pray for or those who we’ve lost. I would have normally let others speak and remained silent, but I didn’t. My voice boomed in that place when I said, “My father, Paul.”  I have a few social anxieties which I rarely ever disclose. Speaking is not one of them. This room was packed. Among those present were, Olivia Chow, Bill Blair and Kristyn Wong-Tam.

I begin this new stretch of my journey without my dad here in the physical, but I carry enough in my memory to remember and look back on all the things he taught me; even if none of those things were related to writing, it all can be made to fit.

Walk your road.

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