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Looking back now on the month of May which started out like almost every other month did — That is to say, uneventful and uninteresting — I pushed along. I had not yet started the main location shoot for “Dre chronicles #4” since writing kept me busy. On May 10th, I was recorded reading the first paragraph of one of my new short stories on Yonge Street and at Yonge/Dundas square. It seemed to me that day that something was beginning. On the morning of May 14th, my father passed away. This loss made me look back even further.

The original group of friends I had were never interested in writing or that it was almost all that interested me. Very rarely would I share my ideas with those I called my friends.  I touched on this briefly in “Dre chronicles #1” and it is a subject that will come up again in writing.  

Four days before my dad died, I wrote the eulogy, just in case. The next day was of course the small shoot for the Road to Possible project. I kept that first batch of friends in my head the whole time. One week before my father died, I wrote the intro to my first book, a memoir.

I’ve become friends with a new batch in the months after giving the eulogy. New people, who are interested in writing, interested in videos and are artists of every kind. Even an old acquaintance of mine has recently started writing her first book. According to her, I’m her #1 source for ideas and help even though I have yet to make a dollar with my own writing.

In November, an independent actor from the U.K who has already memorized my words will be turning a monologue I wrote in 2013 into a short film.  That’s pretty exciting. For those interested in seeing me give the eulogy, that clip will be in “Dre chronicles #5”.  More on this later.  

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