Women’s Body Image – by Lesley Apelbaum

September 29, 2015

Hey friends, have any of you seen this?

BLOG You Don't Need This 2

Women in Toronto (and other cities including NYC) are tagging empowering messages on the subway cosmetic ads, like “You Don’t Need This”.


As a young woman, co-creator and co-executive producer of Road to Possible, I think it’s important to speak on this issue. I believe these women are doing the right thing in answering back on these ads. The pressure on us women to look and even behave like a competitive beauty queen is frustrating. Ads like these are offensive, damaging to women’s self-worth. So I’m happy to see these women speaking out. Road to Possible is about being who you are. Period.

What does everyone think? This is a very important conversation, your thoughts and opinions matter. This includes the men in our audience. Please post your comments below and keep this conversation going. Let’s see if we can try to change an advertising trend…. Don’t forget to carry your dry marker.


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