Response: Women’s Body Image – by Tracey Coveart

October 3, 2015

From teeth whitening, to body contouring, to higher education, we are inundated with ads telling us we are just not good enough. The advertising industry works because it creates a problem and offers a solution. Let’s counter with an entirely different strategy. Ads that celebrate who and what we are; that meet us exactly where we are in our journey. I may not have perfect teeth, perfect buttocks or an MBA, but I am loved and worth loving. Who I am is who I am meant to be – and it’s more than enough. If there is no problem, no solution is required. Not even a dry erase marker.

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Thank you Tracey. Let’s keep this conversation going. Read our original blog post on women’s body image here:!Womens-Body-Image-by-Lesley-Apelbaum/c2be/560b211c0cf2f0ed7a280b26


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