Purple Carrots Drama Studio – by Silvina D’Alessandro

October 10, 2015

Hi! I thought I’d share my story on this site:

I started a drama studio for children, youth and adults with different learning abilities (mainly individuals on the Autism Spectrum) in February 2015, and have grown from one workshop to a healthy and successful four within the year! I never saw myself as someone who could run my own business, and it definitely hasn’t been a stress- free road, but creating this company has been the most exciting and fulfilling role I have ever played.

I am inspired by my students’ courage, determination and beauty, each and every lesson. My background is in drama and speech therapy, so I wanted to unite my skill base and passion in a way that would help people improve their language, self-expression, confidence, body awareness, comprehension, team work and social skills in a fun and safe environment. 

More information can be found on our website: www.purplecarrotsdrama.com

I believe in the power of drama to build connection and communication.


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