Congratulations Trudeau! – by Daniel Bax

Monday, October 19th 2015, monumental day for me.  First time I ever voted since my accident, ten years today.  Who did I vote for? Justin Trudeau – The Liberal Party.  Do I follow politics? Simple answer no.  I don’t even follow the daily news and I have television free home.

Why? Is he ready? Simple answer in mind is everyone should be given a chance, and only time will tell who he truly is as our Prime Minister.

I met Trudeau in 2014.  I will never forget our first interaction and his promise to assist in empowering the “forgotten” in our nation.  A couple of months later I was at another political rally. As he was leaving, he remembered me and stopped to take a picture with me.

This shows a lot about a person.  Never forget the little guy. “The forgotten”.

Congratulations Justin Trudeau!

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