The Path Taken – by Sneha Paul

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

So correctly said by the Alchemist, the universe really conspires in helping you, and I truly felt and experienced it, so did Lesley, as she accompanied me to a short “Dream quest” trip.

As a Health Informatics graduate, I am still in search for different ways to get to my dreams, not forgetting that I need to find my job too. Montreal was my first destination for my Dream quest search, as I dream of studying in McGill University aiming to become a researcher. With the hope of finding out the best for me, Lesley and I left for Montreal. 

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Montreal was a very welcoming place. Above all, it is the first place that I visited in Canada, and astonishingly the place that helped me find answers for my dreams too. I left Toronto with the confidence that I was going to take a part-time course in McGill so that I could pursue my PhD further. Later, at night I met one of the administrative heads at McMaster University, who was sent like an angel to me, who guided me through the rules for immigrants and the need to pursue my job search. 

My return to Toronto was not with the admission in McGill but with a lot of positive and better guidance of what I should do next. Every step that I move further confidently in achieving my dream, there is someone who comes as a gift to guide me along.  Cheers to the trip, and special thanks to Lesley and Ed too.


Sneha Paul 

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