Standing for Humphries – by Lesley Apelbaum

November 18, 2015

Kaillie Humphries, the Olympic gold medallist in bobsleigh is speaking out against the glass ceiling. Her ambition to advance as a pilot in the World Cup 4-man bobsled has been majorly thwarted by Bobsleigh Canada Skeleton’s limitations. Now she has to choose between competing with the women’s 2-woman bobsled team or as an alternate for the men’s 4-man bobsled. She is the top female pilot who has met qualifications – with 2 male pilots ahead of her, and not enough qualified runners to fill a 2nd and 3rd bobsled. If only there was a women’s team. Though she is in top physical shape and mentally ready for this, she will have to wait another year to give her dream another try – if the logistics work out, of course. It’s 2015. We have gender equality in our cabinet. So where’s our women’s team? What are these federations communicating about women in sport by their inequality? 

What’s the future for our female athletes? Road to Possible and I are standing for Humphries.

Let’s stand for Humphries together and let the federations know we want equality in sport.

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