Rachel Parent’s Message – by Lesley Apelbaum

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Global News reported that Kevin Folta, chairman of the horticultural sciences department at University of Florida had been privately corresponding with biotech corporation Monsanto. They were developing strategies to counter Rachel Parent and her group, Kids Right to Know.


Folta released a video where he tells Rachel – incorrectly and condescendingly – to get the right information from independent scientists instead of activist websites… He didn’t get Rachel’s message right.

Rachel consistently advocates for:

-More long-term independent studies NOT conducted by a company/organization for gain

-Full transparency through mandatory GMO labelling

-Biotech corporations and governments to do due diligence to minimize the risk of harm to people and the environment

Folta and Monsanto have attacked Rachel and her platform incorrectly through their video. It’s also clear they will not broker any criticism on their product. Their false attacks on Rachel create the impression of covering problematic research in a dubious product. Meanwhile, the real danger and damage here is to the environment, the public and the process of honest diligence in bringing a new agricultural product to our environments and markets.

They need to get Rachel’s message right. Not enough time has been allocated to prove that GMOs are safe for public consumption. They’re rushing to profit. Rachel understands this; that’s why she’s a food safety activist, not an anti-GMO activist.

Thank you, Rachel, for your continued advocacy. The fact that you’ve been singled out, the youngest activist with a profile, proves your message is effective. I hope this motivates even more people to stand with you for long-term independent studies, full transparency and proper due diligence on products for public consumption.

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