Shelley is an accomplished singer, actor, writer and host who has performed all over the world. Having survived breast cancer, Shelley continues to share her talents in as many ways possible.

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Shelley Hamilton at Lula Lounge - "You're Right, I Was Wrong, I'm Sorry" (2015)

Shelley Hamilton Performance - "Lie"

Shelley Hamilton Performance - Part 2

Shelley Hamilton Sings O Canada!

Shelley Hamilton at Lula Lounge – “You’re Right, I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry”

Throwback to Shelley Hamilton’s performance in 2015!

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Untitled – by Shelley Hamilton


As an artist and performer, sometimes people want to define you… “what do you do?” The running conduit with all I do… is… I’m a storyteller. Be it theatre, music, even hosting… I tell stories. And if you’re a good story teller, the audience feels like they got to hear a good tale, the reward is in the acknowledgement of them saying thanks. Sometimes the thanks is applause, and sometimes it’s someone coming up to you in person and actually saying “I LOVED the way you told that story.” Those are the moments that I really love what I do…