“There’s an energy here…” – by Lesley Apelbaum

September 12, 2015

Toronto is different when TIFF is happening. All the international actors, directors, writers, producers arrive and the city starts to buzz.  There’s no denying the positive electricity when a mass of people living their dreams and ambitions come together. I think its the international perspective on our city and people that can give us a positive boost and vote of confidence in our own endeavors.

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Jake Gyllenhaal says “There’s an energy here, there’s a sense of supporting artistic vision. Not that many other cities in the world don’t have that, but this one has a particular sense of freedom and very little judgment and I think that’s why people come here.”


He’s right, Toronto is an exciting city where people can dream and live their dreams… Just like our people on R2P. This gives me and the team a boost to continue working our own ambitions, to share the journeys of our profiles and hopefully make a positive impact. Thanks Jake and continued success living who you are.[/expand]


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